Eden – Vertigo Livestream (2)

The text:

yes I released an album on Friday that’s really weird and all you guys can listen to it on the Internet my kind of freaks me out so yeah if you have heard of any questions I guess try and fire them in the comments or whatever and I’ll try and read them this seems to be a bit better okay okay neither comments yet interesting so does this okay here we go I think thinks of questions can I speak Chinese or Vietnamese I can’t speak either well I can say like me how my boy huh or was she alright that’s kind of it actually I’ve seen a lot of people confused about the Chinese and wings and looking for a translation and the people who ordered the following room and reverse photo book magazine thing it’s kind of secret someone just said capitalism in the backer speak Irish you’re good that’s it that’s all you ever coming to New Zealand actually I’m dying to go to New Zealand New Zealand so beautiful David video games I’m kind of hungry playing any games recently although battlegrounds has been a bit of a addiction to not really recently but I feel like a few months ago games really good but also like I love little strong ones like fire watch or what was that game I told you yet that’s like there’s no talk unit you know let me just the thing that’s called journey secretary minutes long that’s so good okay wait these are going too fast again okay wait let me Oh one of these questions if they exist okay you got it feel like something weird like newscasters it’s getting like when they’re like yeah guys how are you doing just wanted to say by the way if you have bought the album on i. Tunes or are listening on Spotify to you just thank you cuz it really means the world likes and I think we got number five off the i. Tunes charts the streaming numbers have been pretty insane so far too so I just want to thank you so much for supporting the whole thing’s pretty crazy I also do koala as well shoutout for being one of the first people to ever support my music on it was like a couple like I think music channels that don’t exist anymore in koala and that was like the first people who I guess helped push for music so thank you very very much you want to eat any louder in the back will the EP ever come on our cheese the album it is on i. Tunes I mean these these are all just emojis refund any questions mm hmm shots um yeah what is your favorite song favorite if you’re looking at asset a lot and I give the same answer all the time but it’s essentially like it’s like picking a favorite child mmm not easy to answer you got another one yeah did you like like gift Kiev is really cool I landed in the middle the night and when I was like coming now I guess I’m the plane was descending over the city it was literally like some a afraid runner I didn’t think that was the directors schedule I think all the places that we added shows are the only places we could because it’s just I’m either like doing shows all the dates are in there and it’s like impossible so try and go to Houston I guess that’s the last one in Texas I’m so sorry who is the girl that sings with you crash no Google great cool I don’t know if you guys can hear it that’s going over by the way I hope you guys can hear the question kinda someone’s bound to contain previously yeah yeah but like I love lasagna or like ton of other things sure why not and I see so we had a good everything ..

Most advice on vertigo is daft because it just looks at masking or hiding the problem. Our first suggestion is always going to be learn to deal with the root cause and properly overcome vertigo and dizziness.


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