Gluten Poisoning Causes Vertigo, Nystagmus

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Most advice on vertigo is daft because it just looks at masking or hiding the problem. Our first suggestion is always going to be learn to deal with the root cause and properly overcome vertigo and dizziness.

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you hey everyone dr. Clark here on the place for answers I want to share with you today my personal gluten poisoning story I was on a cruise recently and you know the cruise line did a really good job of kind of accommodating mine of my family’s food choices because I have celiac disease and some other autoimmune stuff and so obviously I can’t eat gluten by also do dairy and I don’t eat soy and I was on this cruise and a couple days on the cruise everything was great and then the Tuesday night at dinner ate something I probably shouldn’t have was well I don’t much sure how it happened but something something made it through and woke up at around midnight with nystagmus now if you don’t know when the stag misses it’s when your eyes jerk like that I woke up with nystagmus vertigo as you would call it and you know couldn’t keep my eyes focused on something ended up getting really nauseous you know vomited my guts out for like four or five hours and it wasn’t seasickness okay it was the fact that I got exposed to something to which I have a very big immune sensitivity to now why did I have these kind of vertigo symptoms well it scared me frankly because when you have one autoimmune disease for example I’m celiac right so when celiac disease your immune system is targeting your small intestine and trying to kill it well once it’s done that then it can attack anything else it wants to because there’s kind of like a taboo that’s been broken normally you know you shouldn’t attack and kill yourself your immune system makes a few antibodies to tissues here and there but you shouldn’t be a lot of antibodies but when you start attacking a tissue why can celiac disease the attacker small intestine or in rheumatoid arthritis we attack your cartilage or type 1 diabetes where you attack your pancreas your attack insulin or any number of other ones like that Hashimoto’s thyroiditis where you attack your thyroid when you have one of those it’s like the floodgates have been opened the your tolerance for yourself as they call it has been broken so now you can start to attack other tissues and develop other types of symptoms other types of problems well whenever I got this gluten exposure keeping them on adding gluten in a very long time I had a very big system reaction to it and having the Vertigo symptoms points to the fact that maybe my cerebellum is involved I could very well have an attack on my cerebellum or there’s another mechanism that might be possible and I’ll go ahead and tell you I also tested positive for what are called GAD antibodies gad65 antibodies now GAD is a chemical that helps you convert glutamate which is kind of like an excitatory gas pedal neurotransmitter into gaba which is a calming inhibitory brake pedal kind of neurotransmitter well if you can’t make GAD or something is killing your dad then you have a lot of gas pedal and not a lot of brake pedal so that can show up in people as anxiety it can show up as a blood sugar problems it can show up as cerebellum problems because the three places where you have the most GAD activity are in your cerebellum in a place called your basal ganglia in your brain and in around your pancreas so for me I got these vertigo symptoms you know my eyes are going wacky that’s a cerebellar sign so if you’re watching this and you’ve eaten something and you got these kind of weird feel like I’m spinning and you already know you have an autoimmune condition then you might have it might be a signal that your immune system is expanding its attack so what do you do about that well you have to find someone that understands this whole thing that we’re talking about and you’re if you’re not already gluten free you’re gonna need to go gluten free and and basically you need to not try to self medicate you need to work with someone who is a good health detective who can work with this and look for what’s perpetuating your autoimmune problem what’s triggering it what are things making it worse because a bunch of things have to investigate I mean it goes way beyond just get rid of gluten I mean you have to look for things like hidden parasitic infections viral infections you gotta look at vitamin D deficiency you got to look at nitric oxide and glue it on there’s a bunch of stuff but today I just want to share with you how bad it really really sucked to have that for about eight hours I i sat in the bathroom in the state room of the cabinet omelette on the cruise ship for about six oh six eight hours and I was propped up against the toilet you know with the towel trying to keep my head still and it passed and you know I was kind of steady for a couple of days and back normal cuz I know what kind of rehab not to do on myself and what kind of things to do to dampen my autoimmune flare up I just want to share that with you because I can real identify what those of you that have had a frank vertigo before and are having it I don’t ever want to have it again so I’m gonna make really really sure that my food is super clean and it’s not being contaminated with anything I’m not supposed to be eating..


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  • o boy Doc my girl is an undiagnosed hashimoto’s hypothyroid sufferer and she gets vertigo quite badly on occasions.i will keep a close eye on what she’s eating around these times.she also has nystagmus and wears glasses.she is dyslexic and this might sound odd but could baby formular have triggered the autoimune response in an already sensitive child ?

  • I have hoshimotos and after a year of thyroid meds I had to stop they was causing severe body twitching,I knew thyroid meds was only ramping my autoimmune.i get vertigo a lot though tsh was elevated and t4 was low my autoimmune is attacking everything! Even my vision:( my vitamin d was low and I had a partial thyroidectomy .i started taking 10000 mg vitamin d.

  • I’m diabetic and have over the past couple years developed vertigo-like symptoms, among other things. I have an endocrinologist but he has no idea what’s causing my symptoms. Do you know of a doctor I can see somewhere in the southeast? I’m in Georgia and don’t mind traveling a few hundred miles.

  • interesting.. didn’t know about the GAD65 thing. till a few years ago one of my symptoms was to be ultra sensitivie to glutamate. then i discovered i was gluten, dairy and soy sensitive, went AI paleo, restored (hopefully) most of the depleted vitamins/minerals, consequently healed my leaky gut and BBB, and now am not sensitive tu glutamate anymore at all. Mg (-Orotate) also is ultra-important to calm down over-exited neurons..

  • I get that every time I am glutened. MRI showed mild cerebellar atrophy. Mine last for weeks to months, depending on the amount of gluten. The suspicion, is that I have gluten ataxia. I am in week 4 of my vacation glutening aftermath. The Doctors just look at me and say nothing.

  • Dr, can you please help me, I am only 27 and had an ENG test, the specialist has diagnosed me with vertical nystagmus (spontaneous) and also when my eyes were closed I also had vertical nystagmus. After some research I am completely freaked out because it affects the brain and I am afraid I suffer from something life threatening! caloric weakness was 20% in my right ear. Can you please shed some light on this

  • I have Hashimoto’s.
    After reading Datis Kharrazian book, I finally got an explanation why I shouldn’t eat gluten (I studied molecular biology and just telling me “don’t do it” isn’t enough for me).
    And you are telling me now, with cutting of gluten I also could stop things “attacking” me?
    – Normally I run into door frames, hit my toes or my hips on everything, I always have bruises…

  • Your videos are so informative i always get excited to see you’ve posted a new one and look forward to the next. I would love to be seen by you if i could afford it : (.