How to (Properly) Overcome Vertigo and Dizziness (and Why Masking the Problem is Stupid)

If you’re here, I’m going to assume you already know the problems with vertigo and dizziness. Something like BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) can be lifelong and properly mess with your life.

So I’m going to forego the usual 10 pages of ‘This is what Vertigo is and why it sucks’.

I know it can be frustrating. Sometimes, the symptoms can be bad enough that you just want to cry.

Why don’t we skip ahead to how to actually do something about it?

And, more specifically, why our current way of dealing with it sucks. We focus so heavily on masking the symptoms rather than trying to deal with the root cause of the issue.

We talk about things like the Brandt-Daroff or Epley exercises but they’re a barely functioning band-aid if anything. We talk about dealing with it when a dizzy spell happens to try and make it through.

We should be looking at how to deal with the problem once and for all.

We talk in vague terms about ‘reducing stress’ and exercising more. But rarely anything specific or actually useful to dealing with Vertigo.

We sometimes try and mask the problem with medication or try risky injections or surgery.

And the problem isn’t going away.

Since running one of the biggest sites on Vertigo I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t talk to people who have actually done something about it.

And I don’t just mean hiding the problem until it crops up again. I mean really dealing with it.

No drugs. No surgery. No patches, devices or just dealing with it when it happens. I mean really preventing it from turning up in your life.

So when I saw emails like this:

I was unable to do much of anything for 6 months other than fall and vomit. I fell down my basement stairs 4 times and got sick driving or riding in a car. I had gone to a Neurologist, ENT, inner ear specialists … you name it … but nothing seemed to help till I found your program. Thank you!

Adam Posy
– Rochester, NY


I started getting vertigo about seven years ago, it just hit me outta the blue! Then I started getting anxiety from it. It seems like the anxiety just caused the vertigo to get worse. It became a vicious cycle.

My doc gave me medicine but it didn’t always work, sometimes it made it worse.

I had a CT scan of me head, which was normal. I had an MRI and nothing showed up. And I saw an ENT who didn’t believe that it was coming from my ears.

Nobody could tell me what was wrong with me, and I was really starting to get very worried that it would never go away.

Then I found your program online. I admit I was worried it was a scam but I was so desperate that I took the chance and I am glad I did!

I felt the difference the very first day. Two days later I could walk almost normally again. And now I never have the spinning feeling in my head any more. Amazing!

Christian, you gave me my life back and for that I’m forever grateful.

Catherine Kennedy
– Austin, TX

It got my attention.

I already knew about Christian. Back before Vertigo Professor was even a thing. I knew he knew what he was talking about what I didn’t know was that he’d brought his Vertigo system online.

So here’s the deal (and it’s exclusive to Vertigo Professor viewers).

If you give his methods a try I’ll send you the Professor Hack Pack as a bonus. Christian’s methods alone have got results for thousands of people dealing with Vertigo and Dizziness (and, no doubt, they’ve passed on this information to their loved ones) but these are my own study notes designed to make it even easier to see results quickly.

The quicker you start seeing results, the easier it’ll be to stick with it for a couple of weeks. Just sign up and give his system a try. Then send us the date you signed up, your ID and the email you want us to send the pack to.

===> You can download his full system here.