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I got this is a as a gift I guess along with a lot of other books I showed a long time ago but I’m gonna point something out here how it’s showing all these different parts of the brain scene this is very somewhat each lobe what it’s for supposably but they left something out for some reason they didn’t put it in this book what’s this in the middle I wonder what that and that could be that I a Horace looking thing it’s not they didn’t they skipped it they didn’t even mention it but it’s there what is that called and I was looking at the moon the other night it was directly above me and I told Robin actually and I felt like I had vertigo I get a real very good it’s not something that I’m used to experiencing at all but I found this interesting guys can pause this I’ll read it for yourself if you’re interested at all and just trying to get it vertigo is a type of dizziness felt as a shift and a person’s relationship to the normal environment a feeling that the room is spinning is common or a sense of movement in space..

Most advice on vertigo is daft because it just looks at masking or hiding the problem. Our first suggestion is always going to be learn to deal with the root cause and properly overcome vertigo and dizziness.


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  • Dude. I’m sure sometimes Justin you scratch your head and wonder, why is Gary saying what he saying? And honestly Justin, I’ve thought the same thing with some of the stuff you say. But honestly man, most of us have our eyes on the same prize. People need to understand that. I have no ill feelings toward you man and you know that. I’ve got a lot of respect for you. This is me talking to you. Not anybody else. Take care man

  • Right/Left brain function trying to work in unison causing an overall imbalance. Also see electromagnetic sensitivity. Interesting stuff…