Do these two things first:

Eliminate the nicotine entirely.

Turn down the power and close up the air vents on the tank, to reduce the amount of vapour you are inhaling.

It sounds to me as if you’re inhaling a massive amount of hot vapour at that setting, and presumably you aren’t acclimated to it.

Change to a tank core with a 1.8 ohm coil, turn the power down to about 10 watts, close the air vents almost completely, remove the nicotine, then try that. Re-introduce nicotine in small amounts if you need it for some reason – some people use it to relieve mental fog they get sometimes, along with vitamin B3, which does a similar job.

Don’t worry about becoming dependent on nicotine, if you’re not consuming tobacco in some form: it is all but impossible. It has exactly the same likelihood as dependence on carrot juice. Dependence on nicotine requires a tobacco delivery vehicle (search: Fagerstrom), since the dependence is caused by a complex multi-compound process requiring nicotine to be potentiated by MAOIs, aldehydes, and other alkaloids. This occurs with tobacco in any form and especially with tobacco smoke.

As the world authority Dr Newhouse of Vanderbilt, says: “The risk of addiction to nicotine alone is virtually nil”. (search: Newhouse nicotine)

He has administered more pure nicotine in larger doses daily to more never-smokers in more clinical trials than anyone else, and holds the world’s largest database on its effects. The ethics committees who authorise such clinical trials, which are ongoing all of the time now, and of which there are more at this point than at any time in history, regard the material as absolutely harmless in all respects – otherwise they would not continually approve such trials. His latest repeat funding was for $9 million, as therapies for a number of medical conditions such as Parkinson’s are being actively sought, and nicotine is a known therapeutic for this condition.

The work is going on apace now as it has become obvious that nicotine in vegetables plays an important role in preventing neurodegenerative disease, auto-immune disease and cognitive function disorders in some genotypes (vulnerable populations).

Everybody consumes nicotine in the normal diet, and no person has ever tested negative for nicotine or a metabolite in any of the large-scale clinical studies, in one of which the CDC tested 800 people.

You can completely ignore those who speak of dependence on nicotine without tobacco consumption, and should keep in mind that when we feed baby her mashed-up veggies as baby food, we feed her nicotine and several closely-related vitamins such as B3 (nicotinic acid). This of course is a very good thing. No madman has ever suggested this should not be done.

There is a massive propaganda campaign to bury this kind of information or to distort the facts or lie about it. Beware the useful idiots or outright liars who promulgate it. When an unfortunate person believes propaganda, or repeats it, someone somewhere who is rich beyond your dreams gets paid even more. Please don’t help their campaign of lies.

Some people have a very low native tolerance to nicotine in megadoses, though – there is a 10x tolerance variation in the population – so it is best to go low; especially with the huge amount of vapour that vaping at 66 watts will generate. This is massive power for a beginner – like learning to shoot with a .50 calibre pistol instead of a .22 for some reason.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Vertigo Dizzy.


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