Young Justice 3X02- Vertigo And Superboy

Young Justice 3×02- Vertigo and Superboy

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have you seen what you can make using two part epoxy during this epoxy project we’re going to show you the advanced techniques that we did that are easy to learn we’re gonna show you step by step how we mimicked and replicated high end exotic stone we’re going to use metallic additives we use clear epoxy we use different colors we use our hands and we have a blast to achieve these results we apply different layers using different techniques on top of each other one by one to build out this process and project working with stone coke countertop products is fun these products are easy to use do it yourself friendly eco friendly and your results can be outstanding you can renew your old countertops tabletops desktops and more watch right now how we push the limits on our project using contrasting colors and simple tools you’ll make your project pop moving the colored epoxy while in liquid form mimics what Mother Nature has already perfected we’re gonna show you how to achieve the perfect tone you could enhance and contrast you can crackle and fracture you can do any effect that you want in the perfect spot for your project watch how we use a heat gun to move vanes and we skip trowel over our metallics to create that iridescent finish we’re gonna use epoxy that’s already started to set up on purpose to create complex looking effects we’re gonna use plastic sheeting to create a realistic looking stone finish find out why contractors designers artists and woodworkers all love using epoxy to enhance their projects learn right now how to finish your next project to perfection we are thrilled at the depth that we achieved building this project visit us anytime at Stone Koch countertops dot com stay tuned and enjoy the video remember when you subscribe to our channel click on the red subscribe button and be sure to ring the bell so you get notified every time we have a new video thanks again okay let’s go over some of the colors we’re gonna use in this project we’re use black navy blue Ocean Mist cobalt blue seaside sage green and gold metallic we’re also going to use our metallic spray we’ve taken our stone Koch countertop metallic additive if you put it in isopropyl alcohol and we mix the two together we did half a bag to eight ounces of alcohol and that creates a really cool mixture that we’ll use later on in this project we’re also going to use of our metallic colors the purple mountain metallic the violet pearl metallic and our blue earth metallic then we’re gonna go to our black base tent we’re gonna create a little bit of mixture of that and we’re gonna have a blast let’s get started in this project we’re going to create a unique surface using multiple different fun techniques we hope you enjoy the process let’s get started okay we’re gonna fog a little bit of spray paint remember safety first by fogging spray paint over my painted surface I’m going to create a backdrop or an undertone that will compliment my project okay that was the navy blue let’s trace from cobalt blue okay here’s some of that Gold Rush all right I want to do a little bit of that sage green Oh sage green here we go let’s add a little bit more blue just just to overlap some of this color effect let’s bring it touch more of that coal to clean your channel what do you think Chris you think that looks good yeah yeah yeah yeah I dig it it’s a little metallic I see that it really helps if you put your lids back on because you know exactly what you’re dealing with when you pop the lid off and you’re working fast it’s hard to remember what’s what I’m guilty of grabbing the wrong color and putting in a happy accident every now and again keep that in mind that’s a pro tip okay now that we’re done with the spray paint I’m gonna put my safety gear aside hey Mike I got some more space cream for it nice thank you we’re saved okay I’m gonna mix up our normal stone coat countertop epoxy I’m gonna do it in clear and then we’re gonna make separate reservoirs or cups full of our clear epoxy and we’ll use those for our different additives we’re gonna use a combination of our metallic additives our base tents as well as spray paint to create this custom labradorite granite replication of stone is that how you say all that okay we’ll go with that okay we’re gonna use our clear epoxy cups we’re gonna add additives as we wish to create custom colors for this piece we’re gonna keep our colors slightly segregated then we’ll bring them together to create the finished look I really like this cobalt blue it’s got a metallic tinge to it and I want to create more of a translucent blue that we’re gonna put on top keep in mind these other tones aren’t gonna jump out at me they’re not really my finished counter that’s why I’m pretty nonchalant about getting them on the surface but by adding those undertones anything that opens up where you do see to the bottom you got a visual interest that’s why the layers are always better than Plain Jane that is cool that is really really really pretty so I’m gonna do a combination of this and clear and maybe a little bit of black into that as my base all right here we go let’s start pouring this out I’m actually just gonna rub these joints out here just like this beautiful we’re gonna do it touch and Navy in one of these so I’m gonna take some more of my clear pour it out shake up that maybe a little bit or a spray some Navy in this little amount clear you can see this will be a lot different and more opaque then that metallic was so it’ll give us a little different look so let’s fill in some of the other space with that Navy so I’m gonna rub that out oh yeah that’s good that’s a good a good mixture it’s not totally different but you can see that there’s gonna be highs and lows and that’s what you get in natural spelling quite often is is these high and low points and we’re gonna do our grain flow this way so that’s why I’m bringing my migraine feel that way with with everything I’m putting in well I like that look a lot goodness what do you like better the metallic or the Navy let us know in the comments below so far would you rather tint it with dark navy or the metallic blue let us know what you think in the comments below I want to mix a little bit of gold because I got some gold in this and a little sage green but I’m gonna keep the sage green to a minimum and I’m gonna go for gold right now what do you think Chris that’s gonna be rich that’s gonna be good contrast yeah I mean you can see these pull undertones I like that blue going over it and this is just fun and as you can tell being free and loose about what you’re doing is good I like having clear plastic cups because you get to see the true nature of the color as opposed to a foggy milky white plastic cup you don’t see it as much so on these mixing containers you don’t get that true nature of what it’s going to look like a crystal clear cup perfect Walmart baby okay guys good protip here we’re mixing up three houses per square foot of our project we’re playing a lot of this randomly normally we’ll use our 1/8 by 1/8 square notched trowel but because we’re adding so many undertones it’s slightly different so be sure that you mix your material very well so you don’t have sticky spots and a budget for about 3 ounces per square foot but also keep in mind the more I build my color it’s gonna level out so you might start with a small skinny line but if you have too much epoxy it’s gonna balloon out so as you work your samples if that’s what’s happening it’s because you have a little too much epoxy on the surface this is another one of those metallic colors and I just love the effects that you get from using that spray paint directly into the materials okay so let’s fill in some of these dry spots here rub this out here you know what else I’m gonna do here is I’m just gonna go and a little bit of sage green and a little bit of gold because it’s gonna react slightly and give me some undertones to first start with that sage green okay here we go okay now that sage green is gonna act a once in a metallic metallic it’s gonna react substantially different on this clear epoxy then a more of an opaque normal spray paint River we get asked all the time well why do you just use rust oleum well it’s because we’ve had great success with West oleum and sometimes using other brands like Kryolan or some of the dupli color or the lacquer based spray paints just don’t have a propellant that likes our epoxy it’ll it’ll not set up right so that’s why we do we don’t get paid from rust oleum I wish we did it check this out this is a great representation so I fogged a little color here and I don’t like that it looks like almost a mistake so I’m just gonna move it with my hand and look at the undertone that you get because that spray paint is sitting on the surface so it’s giving me really cool really cool undertones so let’s try that with this goal I’m gonna spray this gold heavily in the surface right here now if you come here and watch what I do with my hand it’s gonna give me a really cool undertone there this is looking fun and I like this next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add some black let’s just use our blue cup pour some of that epoxy in there we’ll mix that up okay so what I want to do is I want to create some sections of this stone that appear almost obsidian are almost like segregated and black and will bring some tones into that but I’m gonna just create some real segregated areas right now now I’m going to do some runs like some drips with the paint stick of black lines going up and down this piece to give it another layer now that I got my big blobs in I can use the rest of this to create fractured lines like that all right but another flaw maybe right right up here just a little one just kind of move that around a little bit okay I’m gonna fog a little bit of gold metallic spray over the top of this I’m also going to use some black spray paint into some sections and fracture it with the goal to create a fractured look okay alright I’m gonna take some clear epoxy and I’m gonna rub these edges out so I don’t have dry edges see it’s really important here where I’ve done some color tones it gives me some color on those edges automatically so it’s important that I get color over the edge but because I’ve already pre sprayed some spray paint and it gives me highs and lows on those edges it’s cheatin and really set me up to make this piece look real when I’m done okay what I’m gonna do next is I’m going to go over where I dripped these black lines and I’m going to move them with my paint stick so they don’t look like paint dripped on the surface at all it’ll make them look more natural let’s do that right now I like that better this blob I don’t like so much so I’m gonna kind of spread that out a little bit make it look more organic yeah I got some ocean blue and some black metallic we’re gonna spray that on the surface here to give it some extra color let’s do that okay here we go and I’m just pulling a trigger slow so it gives me some heavier dots here cuz I’d really want some interest here and this ocean blue is pretty bright it does a wild wild job here alright let’s use a little bit more clear we’re gonna go in here where some of these spots are a little bit void we’re gonna pour some of this out we’ll just make some clear spots this is gonna push epoxy and push stuff out of the way and create different effects as well like the effect I’m getting there and look at what that metallics done in that Black Sea you see this is why layering is really really important okay we have our purple mountain metallic this is going to give us some dark tones and this is going to give a whole nother color that we haven’t introduced yet so this will be another layer you don’t need a lot of metallic powder to create a beautiful effect and I’m going to show you exactly how this looks and clear how pretty that is can you see that mix that up really good so you don’t get like tadpoles little chunks of metallic in your piece and this mix is really nice so what I think I’m gonna do is I think I’m going to outline some of this black with this purple to accentuate it let’s start over here on this little piece and we’ll just give us some purple around it to make it look like it’s kind of part of that mineral you get a lot of purple kind of at this and here use some of that around this one too it’s really fun to layer like this and even as that stick starts to lose some material keep moving it oh yeah this is awesome cuz bringing some of this purple here ceiling you see I’m gonna drag that purple into this black and it’ll kind of fade into that it would be like gradient into there well this is looking cool so this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna pour I’m gonna pour let’s pour more blacken I’ll go right here with it and I’m gonna pour purple right into it right here and then I’m going to mix the two up with my hand just get a really neat neat effect going on here it’s kind of go this way with a Jew keep it everything too okay I’m going to give me some more purple in this do you like this purple trip yes I I’ve always liked that football you can see I’m going fast with that tasting when I drag the fractures that’s a pro tip as well so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna spray I like how this gold and purple are mixing that looks really neat so I’m going to spray some gold right here and then I’m going to pour some purple right on top of that and see what happens that’s wild man that’s a cool section right there see this little rounded section let’s follow that with some purple there we go that’s cool man so do some purple in this in this black just adding more interest over that black so it’s not just big black dots I’m gonna hit a little ocean blue right here whoo hoo that’s cool man oh look at what it’s doing right here there’s little little faint lines what they do little details okay I’m just just doing short little spurts and I’m just getting droplets hitting that metallic and reacting with the spray paint and creating a whole new look and layer now come back again and I’m going to add some more clear because I like these spots here that are not exactly the same you know it’s it’s giving you some interest here so I’m gonna do some blob here maybe I’ll add a touch of black into that and it’ll be very transparent here I’ll mix that around I’ll put some black kind of see through black there yeah I’m gonna put some more of that gold there and then let me fog a little bit more gold over this whole thing good I’m going to spray a little gold and then hit that with some more purple I think I’ll put one of those like right back here there’s a lot of gold here so that’ll make some sense now let’s pour football right into that this really is a living material it sure is it just it makes a lot of a lot of change that’s going to evolve a lot let’s let’s spray a little ocean blue in that to see how that makes it look even more real there let’s try those same things with the metallic blue that cobalt blue maybe we’ll add a little purple to that so let’s put some of that let’s put a big section of that right here it’s just that cobalt blue spray directly in there and then we’re gonna bring some purple into that this is beautiful I love doing these they’re almost like an agate or a geo that’s in the piece oh yeah that’s the money right there huh let’s fracture that with a little bit of gold metallic ore here we use black I said that was black keep this dark that looks nice let’s put some purple over the top I like that effect so I’m gonna do more of those right now I’m gonna do a real big section of that right here now I’m going to take some royal purple drag it over all that and then we’re gonna hit that with the ocean blue and then I’m gonna hit it with some of the black mentality I’m gonna come back with you run a bit of purple over the top I’m gonna talk a little bit of blue over that just to see how that toned it down it tonight with gold down it slightly I’m gonna tone this gold down slightly that looks oh look at that see that that looks real when you because now I see through that blue into the gold down to the purple if fractured it up you got the alcohol that fractures it out got the black and the gold and the purple mixed together here you got some of the movement coming this way you got dots and crystals in this whoo this is amazing oh I love this piece so many layers yes that’s what’s important that’s key Chris right there is layers now I like that goal with luminous some of this over so I gotta make more of that right here okay and then we’re gonna watch just just a neck make some purple in there I’m going to hit it with some more blue on black alcohol spray there’s some ocean blue there’s some black on top okay you know I kind of I kind of got some blue in the Miss black here so let’s pop a little black spray paint over that dark in that section back up I like that and then I don’t like the dots on that section so let’s just bring some of that black to the top i rubbing that out will bring some more purple over that Chris can you tell I’m having fun oh yeah it’s in your voice that’s this is Mike on fire but look at how that’s evolved okay I’m gonna take some of that blue metallic and fog this cuz I like that blue that’s just on top a little bit that’s that’s it right there that’s that’s the look I’m going for is that I mean I got to do more of that over here because I like it even better so I’m gonna fill the rest of this gold in with a little bit blue and that’s that’s that opal that’s what I’m looking for almost an abalone an abalone shell so let’s put more of that in here because I think that that’s money that’s what we’re going for how do you like that undertone Chris there’s awesome right you’ll see through into the gold take some model I’m gonna take some of this sage I’m just gonna introduce a little bit of sage and there’s some of this black to give it some highlights not a lot just a little bit I know you think I’m crazy let’s let’s see what happens here then I’m gonna fog that with some more alcohol right there okay now what I’m going to do is on these my clear and I want these highlights to really stand up I want it to be the main focus of the whole piece so that’s what I’m gonna do from here I’ll open them up here and I’ll bring it back here so I’m gonna do that with my clear epoxy as my foundation and that’s what I’m gonna do is just make my highlighted section because I’m gonna add spray paint and it needs a medium to go ahead and melt for me now whatever I do with this clear it’s gonna grow so you got to keep that in mind I’m gonna run some clear veins right through this section to break some of this up all right we still got some clear left if we want to make more of these sections I’m about to add but this is going to be fun and this will make this piece really almost glow whoa and the reason I like putting it in clears because it’ll give me very natural looks in there because you’re in clear it’s not it’s given it a medium to flow through if you just did the one color it’s gonna look slightly fake so let’s add our other colors I’ll probably have some white in these two this ocean is really a light light it looks like ocean nest ocean foam you had that and then it really highlights this see I can always grow this further but you can’t shrink it once you got all these really bright colors okay now I’m gonna add some black through there just a little bit or this is purple well that a little purple that’s okay then we’ll add some black over that all right let’s torch that right now and I’ll see if we need to add one color without that clear epoxy laid down first none of this would blow out for me and make that effect now this is a little too bright so I’m going to overlay it with a little bit of that metallic spray paint because I really liked what that did over our gold so let’s see what it does over this oh yeah see how that gives you a layer but it hides some of that brightness but gives you almost your CNN to that and it blends everything together that is so cool good night you want to make one more section of that to make this thing make sense yes let’s just extend it down here okay you okay with that oh sure we’re gonna add a little bit of clear on top of this to help that move let’s do it in veins just like that put a little clear on top of this and I will torch this out to okay let’s add some of that blue over the top and see if we can’t blend that in I like that very that’s gonna look cool man let’s add a little bit more clear just right here over this session to draw together effects look much more natural when they run off the edge don’t they yes good good call yes I don’t wanna stop okay I’m gonna add a little bit of Navy just something like this one part to kind of fade this in a little bit yeah I kind of like how that that made it less hard line going into that that’s good see how I’ve dummy this is she was sitting in a cup for about two hours and we got this really really stringy almost like almost like you got saltwater taffy yeah yeah I’m gonna create fractures all over this thing to really define it you lost that off so I got smaller lines it’s just scary to do because you can mess your piece up but I’m gone for a man as the epoxy gets to this stage in the curing time it becomes very stringy I heated it up in the cups because I wanted to almost wake it back up I loosened it up a little bit just enough to create these stringy long beautiful looking veins this was a fun process to do you can do this with any color and any style let’s use some plastic to create a stone effect now you see what happens kind of like that man let’s do it that’s crazy right yeah alive that’s kind of crazy this has been sitting for like hours now alright let’s torch it because we waited late in the curing time the poor is going to remain rough and bumpy it won’t have time to level back out that’s okay when we do our next clear coat it’s going to overcome many of these highs and lows will sand it and we’ll get ready for that next clear coat after this dries alright are you sure we’re gonna change this project up a little bit this is a special color we’re going all out so we’re gonna sand with 220 grit we’re gonna create a mechanical bond by doing this then on this next coat we’re gonna apply some color we’re gonna use our stone coat countertop ocean blue metallic mixed with alcohol and we’ll spritz and spray this in the clear coat this is going to give us an iridescent effect we’re gonna skip try this to make it look very natural and then we’ll do our final clear coat let’s get started again on this coat we’re going to use three ounces per square foot it’s a one to one ratio we’ll use a drill to mix that up and we’ll apply this using our square notched trowel then we’ll chop that we’ll torch it and we’re ready to spritz our ocean blue and skip try that across the surface after we trial an even coat of our stone coat countertop epoxy across the surface will remove the loose bristles from our chopped brush and will chop the surface out this will help to mix the material a second time as well as remove any lines from that knotch trowel then we’ll address the edges with the same chop brush in long horizontal strokes this helps get those edges smooth and they’re not so smooth at this point because of all the late effects that we did don’t worry we’re gonna get them great stay tuned this project is awesome I’m going to take our ocean blue fine mist spray bottle I’m gonna miss the top of this and then I’ll just skip travel over to give it some organic movement alright let’s do that right now see what this looks like okay there’s quite a bit of ocean blue there on top I’m gonna just get something and travel it out there okay I’m going to use our little bondo spreader and just skip trial over this surface I was thrilled from the results of this technique I loved how it came out depending on the angle that you look at this project will show more or less of this translucent effect it was amazing that’s cool after that second coat was dry we’re going to really prepare this project for the final flood coat we do this with the same random orbital sander with 220 grit we’re going to address the edges we’re gonna get rid of any of the remaining high points or drips this will set us up for a very good final project by making the edges smooth after the edges are complete as well as the round over we’re going to use that same sander and address the top we’ll get this nice and flat so there isn’t a bunch of high and low points and the final coat will lay out like a sheet of glass okay guys the reason we did a heavy sand between coats is because we did effects on the previous coats that were really late in the pour this doesn’t give it an opportunity to level out really really flat because we came in late and that made this project outstanding because of those late effects but now we’re just getting rid of those high points we’re gonna get that nice and flat we’ll send it to 220 grit we’ll apply our final coat and this projects gonna look amazing let’s do it after we finish sanding the surface we’ll remove the dust with compressed air then we’ll wipe our project with 91% isopropyl alcohol this will remove the remaining portions of dust and we’re ready to do our final flood coat it also really shows you what the project is going to look like with that final coat beautiful we’re going to mix up our normal stone coke countertop epoxy at three ounces per square foot using our drill be sure that your battery’s charged then we’re gonna spread that on the surface using our 1/8 by 1/8 square notch trowel just like before we’ll use our Chop brush to remove those trowel lines will chop the surface we’ll torch it three times to remove all the air then step back and admire your finished masterpiece what we hope that we were able to portray by making this video is to use color use technique have fun try new things and you can really see the results of your imagination coming to fruition be sure to hit the like button subscribe visit us anytime at Stone Koch countertops com2 see all the products used in this video anytime at Stone kill countertops comm call anytime for free project support and until next time from Stone Koch countertops you got this we’ll see you soon..

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